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Serene Facials


Shamim Beauty Parlor is excited to partner with Serene Facials, a project by the brilliant esthetician – Mariam Ahmad. Their services are offered at Shamim’s Spa and Salon in Cary, North Carolina. Serene Facials has a mission to serve each patron for their unique skincare needs. Facials are customized after initial consult & during treatments. Organic & high-quality products are administered for every serene treatment.

Some of the services offered at Serene Facials include. Learn in detail at

The Cloudless Day: $55

Blue skies appear up above on a day smelling crisp, perfect & oh so clear.
Pigmentation & dullness will be addressed. Your senses will reawaken with custom-blended oils & serums to adjust & heighten your skin’s luminosity. Jade rollers glide aiding blood circulation & brightening.

The Midday Rain: $60

Unexpected, yet calming drops from the heavens above nurture all living creations.
For skin that’s in dire need of hydration, packed with a bounty of skin vitamins. Herbal-infused compress followed with a series of nourishing emollients. Organic stone matters help in aiding the induction of serums and boosting their benefits.

The Rolling Hills: $65

The up & down series of low hills flowing thru green lands smooth, silky & lush.
Smooth rose quartz/flat jade used in time-old guasha fashion will leave you with an instantaneous & organic sculpted facelift promoting tissue drainage & relaxing stiff muscles. We offer customized herbal steam balancing in between.

The Beach Bliss: $65

Sea, sand & the sun are what make a glowy warm day so quintessential.
To provide the skin with deep hydration, treatment begins with a deep cleansing enzyme wash that helps drive impurities out & exfoliates to break down dead skin cells & sebum-clogging pores. Under-eye puffiness is reduced & circulation is stimulated with cooling globes. Vitamin c protecting from sun damage & dark spots.


Microdermabrasion: $20

This is a non-invasive procedure using a diamond tip to exfoliate & remove the superficial layer of dead skin cells. Skincare products go on smoother.

Derma-planing: $20

This is a noninvasive procedure using an exfoliating blade to skim dead skin cells & facial fuzz. Skin care products penetrate well & an overall smooth texture.

Facial Hair Bleaching: $15

This is an alternative to hair removal resulting in dark hair being lightened. A translucent appearance of skin.

Lavender Oil Hair Treatment: $25

This treatment offers antimicrobial treatment, provides antioxidants, & curbs skin inflammation. It offers a nourishing & moisturizing experience!

Rosemary Oil Hair Treatment: $25

This is an anti-inflammatory treatment that keeps follicles healthy and aids in scalp conditions. This treatment promotes nerve growth & aids the loss of unwanted hair.

Full Back Facials: $50

Vigorous steam to open pores and lift impurities, followed by a deep cleansing and exfoliation. A customized mask to follow.

Lash Fits: $50

This treatment aids in boosting and lifting lashes for thicker, brighter, longer-looking lashes without the need for curlers and mascara scrubbing.

A Message from Mariam

I’ve been around & in a salon setting for over 25 years with my mother being a cosmetologist. I watched her structure eyebrows, color, cut, & style hair, bringing a new life to what was dull & needing attention. Her expertise & intuition at work giving just the right look to the client at hand was an art form mastered hands-on. As innate as that was, I found myself thinking more & more about what beauty really means rather than just the short-termed visible changes we are accustomed to believing in. This brought me to forms of self-care & rituals all around the world that revitalizes our presence from the inside out. Many of my travels to the east cultivated these findings.

I found myself intrigued with a deep interest in skincare. Growing up I was determined to have healthy, dewy, pretty skin conveyed all across magazines & tv. How was I cursed with parched skin, acne, uneven skin tone & dullness while others simply glowed using nothing but h20? I found myself trying different dermatologists & medicines, frustrated listening to everyone’s suggestions & homemade solutions, unconfirmed with any education following misleading information, time & money wasted. This lead me to believe that I can make a difference in understanding what’s needed & delivering results.

Graduated from Mitchells Academy in Esthetics in 2006. Worked my way into Ayurvedic skincare loving the natural herb ingredients used to treat skin issues without harsh chemicals. Stumbled across different lines from local small-batch products to big corporate brand lines. I approached skincare as part of something interconnected by reference to the whole. With that in mind, I believe stress, diet, exercise, nutrition & sleep are a vital part of what leads your skin into feeling & looking it’s very best.

My promise & purpose is simple. It is to get you at your optimal level of success with skincare provided as customized as you are. Aligned with serene vibes, backed by years of expertise carefully curated on a matter very close to the heart, the skin we’re in.