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Facial Service at Shamim Beauty Parlor in Cary, North Carolina

Facial Service at Shamim Beauty Parlor in Cary, NC

Did you know, facial treatment is one of the most popular beauty services at Shamim Beauty Parlor in Cary, North Carolina? But what is a Facial treatment? This is an amazing skincare service that recharges your skin and gets rid of impurities. 

Since 2000, Shamim Beauty Parlor has been offering Facial and other beauty services to the residents of Cary, Raleigh, and the broader Triangle area of North Carolina. We have found that Facial Service is one of the best ways for bonding among friends. 

Shamim Beauty Parlor prides in having decades of experience in offering Facial Service. Our experienced estheticians offer Facial Service that allows you to relax while receiving this treatment. This is particularly helpful if you are exhausted from work and are seeking pampering. 

Shamim Beauty Parlor offers professional facial service that includes four steps. 

  1. Exfoliation is the first step where we get rid of dead skin cells as well as remove any skin impurities that are not ingrained deep in the skin.
  2. Steaming allows opening up of skin pores and prepares for the next step of extraction where skin impurities are removed.
  3. Extraction is the most important step of Facial Treatment where impurities in the outer layer of skin are removed. These include mild acne, black heads and white heads.
  4. Finishing Up – As a final step, we place a cold towel on your face to close the pores. 

After the facial service, we recommend you use the following tips:
– Keep yourself amply hydrated
– Be gentle on your skin
– Avoid picking at your skin
– Do not apply makeup immediately
– Protect your skin from the sun

Shamim Beauty Parlor is excited to partner with Serene Facials, a project by the brilliant esthetician – Mariam Ahmad. Their services are offered at Shamim’s Spa and Salon in Cary, North Carolina. Serene Facials has a mission to serve each patron for their unique skincare needs. Facials are customized after initial consult & during treatments. Organic & high-quality products are administered for every serene treatment.

Shamim Beauty Parlor offers the best in hair, waxing, threading, facials, and makeup services at an affordable price. We have been serving the Cary / Raleigh and the broader Triangle area of North Carolina since 2000! We will be excited to serve you. Make an appointment today!