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Winter hair treatment service at Shamim Beauty Parlor in Cary, North Carolina

Hair Styling at Shamim Beauty Parlor in Cary, North Carolina

Did you know, cold weather can have a devastating impact on your hair? The following article by HairClub describes many tips to protect hair in cold weather! These include more frequent trims, oil treatment, deep conditioning, and wearing a protective cap. Learn more below:

The following piece by Luxy Hair offers additional insight into protecting hair during cold weather. Winter is a harsh time for hair. The cold weather and dry climate can make your hair brittle and dry. It can also cause breakage and split ends. To protect your hair, you need to follow a winter hair care plan that includes the right products, treatments, and styling methods. Visit Luxy Hair for more information:

At Shamim Beauty Parlor, we offer extensive hair styling and hair treatment services. We offer Haircut, Head Oil Massage, Deep Hair Conditioning, among other hair services, that can benefit hair in cold weather. In addition, we offer Waxing, Facial, Threading, and Makeup services. Stop by at Shamim Parlor in Cary during the winter season to rejuvenate yourself!